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2 - 11 & 24 June 2021
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2 – 11 & 24 June 2021

A great experience not to be missed!

Annual international music festival „Odessa Classics“ — the main platform for classical music in the Ukraine - is going to present its 7th edition (2-11 June 2021 with special concert on 24 June). After huge successes of the previous years this International Festival is developing as a high level European Festival, often called in world media as “Salzburg of Eastern Europe” with worldstars of classical music such as Daniel Hope, Vadim Repin, Maxim Vengerov, Misha Maisky, Sebastian Knauer, Matthias Goerne, Zurich Chamber Orchestra  and many others. Concerts will take place again not only in the concert hall of the Odessa Philharmony but also in one of the most wonderful Opera Houses in the world and amazing open air concert on the famous Potemkin‘s stairs.

Alexey Botvinov, the founder and president of „Odessa Classics“ is a world piano star, he is one of the best performers of  Rachmaninoff’s music in Europe. Among his extremely wide repertoire are more than 30 concerts for the piano and orchestra. Botvinov performed in 45 countries, and he is the only pianist in the world who has performed Bach's cult masterpiece "Goldberg Variations" more than 300 times live on stage.
"My dream is to make a festival which would be a landmark not only for Odessa but for the country. It could be similar in weight to the Salzburg Festival. I’d like it very soon to be the main festival in Eastern Europe" - Alexey Botvinov.

Program of ODESSA CLASSICS 2021 as usually consists of the most actual projects of the modern classical stage. For instance, festival will present 3 concerts  of  ODESSA CLASSICS Artist-in-Residence Daniel Hope  with Zurich Chamber Orchestra; 2 concerts of Haifa Symphony Orchestra, performances of Brussels Chamber Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, National Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra.  There will be concerts of world star artists Evgeny Kissin, Lucas Debargue, Sebastian Knauer, Michael Goerne, Michael Guttman, Maria Solozobova, Jing Zhao.

In addition to the main program, ODESSA CLASSICS consists of:


    • Concert program of new Ukrainian music, 5 performances
    • 4th Youth Piano Competition named after Serafima Mogilevskaya.
    • Art  exhibition “Nonconformists”  in Odessa  Museum of Western and Eastern Art
    • Masterclass of Zachar Bron
    • A series of musicologist lectures before festival concerts (Odessa Philharmonic)
    • International conference about integration of Ukrainian music developement in European culture landscape


Festival supported by Mayor of Odesa and Odesa City Council. Festival express its gratitude to Odesa regional state administration and festival partners: companies “NTT”, “CTO Odesa”, “Novolog”, MTB Bank, “Risoil”,“Antoshka’, “Stikon”, Egor Grebennikov, Anatoliy Dymchuk, Savva Libkin, Kiyv Institute of Psychology, Jaguar Landrover Odesa, Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine, Bavarian House in Odesa, Goethe Institute.


In 2015 when ODESSA CLASSICS was established it lasted for 4 days; next year, in 2016 festival took 5 days. In 2017 this musical event was named the largest in Ukraine classical feast, it consisted of 7 days. In 2018 we already had 10 festival days. 2020 ODESSA CLASSICS lasted 2 weeks (10-23 August).  But the main victory is not the number of the days. ODESSA CLASSICS managed to invite to it’s stages the most prominent artist of the modern musical world. There were Zurich, Berlin and Brussels Chamber Orchestras, Daniel Hope, Mischa Maisky, Maxim Vengerov,  Vadim Repin, Zakhar Bron, Roby Lakatos, Michael Guttman, Jing Zhao, Cyprien Katsaris, Pietro De Maria, Stefan Vladar, Sebastian Knauer,  Antonio Meneses, Burhan Ocal, Dimitri Ashkenazy, Andres Mustonen, Polina Osetinskaya, Julian Milkis,  Paata Burchuladze, Matthias Goerne and other star artists well known in Europe and in the US.






Alexey Botvinov and Daniel Hope


Danel Hope: "Thrilled to announce a closer artistic relationship with the splendid Odessa Classics Festival from 2019. Alexey Botvinov and his team have done a wonderful job of building up this festival in a beautiful and historic city. And it is both extremely humbling and inspiring to think of many of my musical heroes and their role in Odessa‘s musical life: Pyotr Stolyarsky, David Oistrakh, Nathan Milstein, Boris Goldstein, Emil Gilels, Sviatoslav Richter, Zakhar Bron and many more. Looking forward to more music in Odessa!"













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