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June 1 - 9, 2019
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New Ukrainian Soundscapes - 2: HAND MADE


Lyubov Morozova is a curator of the project

The program of contemporary music "New Ukrainian Soundscapes” last year was performed for the first time. It included four concerts by artists from Lviv, Odessa and Kyiv and consisted entirely of the music of Ukrainian contemporaries. This year the tradition of the satellite program will be continued in an expanded format. It will be focused on a hand made work.


The "hand made" program aims to draw attention to chamber music making as to virtuosic, unique and extraordinary work which resists globalization and mass production. Today, the performance is at a such high level as it had never been in history. But at the same time it is more difficult than ever to resist mass art and symphonic monumentalism. This year concerts of new music will expose the perfection of manual work, they also will inspire listeners to become co-authors of concerts, as several projects are declared as integral components of interactivity and participation.

The "hand made" program will take place at a new Urban Music Hall. It’s not only the official partner and one of the main scenes of the Festival, but also a cozy place that fulfills all the requirements of the program’s concept.





June 02, at 21:30
Ensemble Nostri Temporis (Ukraine). Intuitive landscapes


Concert-action "Intuitive landscapes" is an attempt to reconcile with a cliché. After examining the beautiful in the plain and simple, we can love it and turn it into art, and through art to learn this cliché again on a different level. And to recognize it as a beautiful reality that surrounds us.

Ensemble Nostri Temporis is a Ukrainian team which plays the modern classical music.  Founded in 2007 in Kiev, it was chosen to participate in ENSEMBLE project (Summer Music Courses in Darmstadt, 2010). This band was the first to present anthologies of the musical avant-garde and modernism to the Kyiv audience. it propagandized the music of the brightest contemporary composers of different generations and it  is open to interdisciplinary projects. The ensemble members collaborated with writers Yurii Andrukhovych, Yuriy Izdrik, Serhiy Zhadan, fashion designer Ksenia Marchenko, and others.

Ensemble Nostri Temporis::
Maxim Kolomiets (oboe)
Artem Shestovsky (clarinet / bass clarinet)
Sergey Loginov (horn)
Nazar Stets (double bass)
Maria Alexandrova (piano)

The program:
Vladimir Gorlinsky – — Possibly mercury?
Yana Shlyabanska — melt.elt.el.e ...
Maksym Kolomiiets — empty pedestals
Martin Schüttler — low_poly_rose
Anton Svetlichny — Generation Ctrl-C
Denys Bocharov — Cadenza



June 03, at 21:30

airborne extended (Austria). Rock–Paper–Scissors




airborne extended is an unusual combination of a harp, a harpsichord, a flute and a recorder. It has light and airy sound and a huge range of new timbres and colors.


Ensemble airborne extended was founded in 2013 and is a female Quartett playing contemporary music with/without electronics and performance consisting of the instruments harp, harpsichord/keyboard, flutes, recorders/Paetzoldflutes. Being part of the Austrian NASOM-program 2018/19 airborne extended is presenting worldwide new works written for the Ensemble.

So far, there are works by Hannes Kerschbaumer, Paolo Rimoldi, Bernhard Lang, Manuela Kerer, Caroline Profanter, Joanna Wozny, Fernando Riederer, Wolfgang Mitterer, Bernhard Geigl, Elisabeth Harnik, Tomasz Skweres, Alexander Kaiser, Matthias Kranebitter, Margareta Ferek-Petric, Elisabeth Schimana, Arturo Fuentes, Mirela Ivcevic, Peter Jakober, Stefano Gervasoni, Gabriele Manca, Mario Pisati, Giorgio Magnanensi.


airborne extended:
Elena Gabbrielli (flutes, objects)

Sonja Leipold (harpsichord/keyboard, objects)
Caroline Mayrhofer (recorders/Paetzold, objects)
Coline-Marie Orliac (harp, objects)
Alisa Kobzar (sound design, objects)


The program:

Manuel Zwerger – Hypotrophy (2018) for Harp, Recorders and Guitar

Salvatore Charrino – fauno che fischia a un merlo (1980) for harp and flute
Anna Arkushyna – uǝɯ-oʍ (2013) for four whistles
Alexander Kaiser – The difficulty of crossing a field (2016) for a trio
Hannes Kerschbaumer – (2017) for recorder, flute, objects and electronics
Anna Korsun – rock.paper.scissors (2010) for five performers
Mehmet Ali Uzunselvi – parallel textures (2018) for flute, recorder, harp and piano / electronics
Alisa Kobzar – Prism (2018) for sopranino blockflute / contrabass paetzold, flute C / bass flute, harp, piano and interactive live electronics




June 04, at 21:30

Ptakh_Jung і VJ Reinish (Ukraine). Layers




Ptakh_Jung and VJ Reinish are “cooking” something special for ODESSA CLASSICS festival. There will be many experiments and electronic sound. The musicians plan to do sound diving - searching for new sounds in the depths of musical devices and composing new music from them.


Ptakh_Jung is project of composer and keyboardist Anton Degtyarev “Ptakh” and guitarist Volodymyr Babushkin “Jung”. Musicians combine modern classics with post-rock, ambient, noise, grunge and electronics. 

The project was born in 2016 as an improvisational duo. Subsequently, the improvisations turned into tracks, and the tracks formed into a concert program. Each composition of Ptakh_Jung is a story with a powerful drama, symphonic depth and cinematic suspense. Musicians call their work "soundtracks for nonexistent films".




June 05, at 21:30
Maciej Frąckiewicz (Poland). Akord_Eon



In his project, the famous Polish accordionist-virtuoso will present six works of modern Polish and Ukrainian composers of different generations. These compositions were created in period from 1983 to 2016 at different stages of the creative formation of composers. Each of the works has its own prehistory of origin, its commentary from the author and its geography of performance in different musicians’ interpretation. Musical language, character, stylistic orientations, it’s belonging to program / or not belonging, technical tasks - all this distinguishes one product from another. What unites them all is the same musical instrument. What unites them here and now is the performer Maciej Frontkiewicz and his “Akord_Eon” project, whose name is a word play: a chord that resonates in the potential infinity of time as an abstract category (the philosophical concept of "Eon").


Maciej Frąckiewicz is a winner and laureate of many iconic international performing contests in Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Italy and Spain. He received the Paszport "Polityki" award from the Polish magazine Polityka. He is a nominee for the prestigious Polish music Fryderyk award. He graduated from the The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. In addition, he improved performing skills, studying in Germany, Austria and Spain. He released several CDs with old and modern music for the accordion. He performs in Poland and abroad, playing with orchestras and solo projects. Frąckiewicz participated in many international festivals of contemporary music.


Akord_Eon project:
Alexander Shchetynsky – Sonata (1983)

Bohdan Sehin – A jak żeglarze ziemi cieszą się widokiem ... (2011)
Lubava Sydorenko – Vertikalis (2005)
Dariusz Przybylski – Sonata da chiesa (2011)
Mikolaj Majkusjak – Dyad (2016)
Krzysztof Penderecki – Sinfonietta (1990-91 / 2013)


June 06, at 21:30

Olexiy Shmurak and Heinali (Ukraine). The Queen of the Night




The project refers to the images of Mozart's “The Magic Flute” opera, where the symbolism of Zoroastrianism (fire-worshipers cult) embodies the mysteries of the Masonic lodge, of which the composer was a member.


The main antagonist in the opera is The Queen of The Night. At first she is a good character and she is saving the protagonist from the dragon. But after a series of exciting adventures which remind us of the ceremony of initiation to the Masonic lodge, we find out the real state of affairs.


A contradiction of darkness and light, fire and cold is the theme for the project of the Kiev duet. Its peculiar structure will allow us to feel the physical presence of the symbolism and mysticism of the outstanding composer.


Heinali is the pseudonym for the composer Oleg Shpudeiko, who works in the field of electronic and electro-acoustic music.


The recent works are: Longplay Anthem (2017) and the general longplay with the American poet Matt Finney “How We Lived” (2017), as well as music for the choreographic production of "A Thread from Jean Abreu Dance" and a video game "Bound from Plastic / Sony Santa Monica".


Shpudeiko and Shmurak are engaged to electroacoustic performances with emphasis on interdisciplinarity, working with space and using various media.


Heinali's works were published by Injazero, Flenser, Sony Interactive Entertainment and other labels.





June 07, at 21:30
Dmitry Radzetsky and «Supremus». Show of Hands



«Show of Hands» is an audiovisual work with destroyed boundaries between the musician, the stage and the public. Each listener can suddenly become a member of the work, and it gives an opportunity to get unpredictable twists and turns in the development of music.

The program will be performed by the Kiev experimental music project Supremus, led by Dmitry Radzetsky, along with his brother, bass player Sergei Radzetsky. The project was founded in 2009, and in its case are such projects as "Guitar Hallucinations" (Dnipro, 2010, Kyiv, 2011, Kharkiv, 2012, Lviv-Kropivnitsky, 2015), "Ground Music I", "Ground Music II "(Kiev, 2014). There is also "Avant Floyd" program - which is author's fantasies for Pink Floyd’s music" –  it’s a collaboration with musicians of The Band Okean Elzy (with Milos Jelic and Denys Hlinin (Kyiv, 2015))." There is also a “Hommage a Miles Davis " - a concert, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the jazz trumpeter and composer Miles Davis birth(Kyiv, 2016).

Dmitro Radzetsky (guitar)

Sergiy Radzetsky (bass guitar)
Dmytro Pashinsky (clarinet)
Sergiy Okhrimchuk (violin)
Alik Fantaev (drums)


June 09, at 21:30

Kharkiv Guitar Quartet (Ukraine). Orbital reverberance



New music today are complex concepts and a destruction of any borders, the desire to overcome possible in a space of unattainable abstractions. In the end everyone finds his truth. Kharkiv Guitar Quartet will try to convince its listeners that the guitar is one of the most favorable instruments for various experiments and searches in new music on Earth and beyond.

Kharkiv Guitar Quartet is a creative formation of young musicians, whose goal is to promote modern musical art in Ukraine and abroad. The quartet has in its repertoire a number of unique works, some of which are dedicated to the ensemble. It is a participant and laureate of international competitions and festivals: "Guitar Spring Fest" (Odessa, 2010); "GOGOLFEST" (Kiev, 2012, 2013); IX Belgorod International Competition of Performers on Classical Guitar and Ensembles of Guitarists (Belgorod, 2012, First Prize); "Border Club: GaliciaCult" (Kharkov, 2016), etc. The main goal of the team is to introduce contemporary art to the audience, the art which communicates in a modern language.

Sergiy Gorkusha

Maxim Tryanov
Iryna Polovynka
Andriy Bragin

The program:
Daniel Kessner – Reverberance

Denys Bocharov – Six movements
Antonio Ballestin Liarte – Like an Eagle
Philip Glass – String Quartet No.2
Andrew York – Quiccan
Roland Dyens – Suite "Hamsa"
Andriy Andrushko – Literacy path