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June 1 - 10, 2018
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"New Ukrainian Soundscapes" project

Curator of project – Lyubov Morozova

Project coordinator – Yelena Borischpolets




«New Ukrainian Soundscapes – it is the unique program which doesn't have any analogues in the modern Ukrainian festival life. It is unique because we select the brightest music scores of our contemporaries, thereby turning them into live history. In most cases, modern music of our authors, sounds seldom after the premiere, it is accepted as some avant-garde and experimental music. We want to show that it has already passed the laboratory stage and now it is a way to reflect the modern events in an amplitude from their acceptance to escapism. And it is music that wants to be close to its listeners and to speak about their experience and their sound world.»

Lyubov Morozova

Lyubov Morozova

Schedule of "New Ukrainian Soundscapes" concerts


June 8   Collegium Musicum                                                    Details >>>  

June 10  

Myroslava Kotorovych (violin), Igor Saenko (accordion), Stanislav Menzulskiy (electronic), Dmytro Cherchenko (art word) and “Artehatta” chamber ensemble

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June 11  

The Trio - Oleg Shpudeyko (electronics), Maxim Kolomiyets (objects) and Aleksey Shmurak (objects)

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June 12  

Zoltan Almashi (violoncello) and Andriy Pavlov (violin)

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Performances will begin at 21:30

Odessa Literary museum
2, Langeronovskaya St.

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Collegium Musicum (Lviv, Ukraine)


The Collegium Musicum chamber orchestra was founded in 2014 on the basis of the cognominal art community in Lviv. For years of existence it became known in Ukraine and beyond its borders. The orchestra cooperates with the famous musicians, such as conductor Lev Markiz, pianists Andrey Gavrilov, Antoniy Baryshevsky, Dmitriy Choni, violinists Sergey Ostrovsky, Kirill Sharapov, Igor Zavgorodny, Orest Smovzh, the cellist Denis Severin, vocalists Christian Gilts, Richard Resch, Tatyana Zhuravel.


The repertoire of the orchestra includes music of various eras, from baroque to modern. Its important part is made up with the programs that are rarely performed and almost unknown to the Ukrainian listener.



In the program:
Lubawa Sydorenko - String Quartet
Bogdana Frolyak - Partyta-meditation for two violins
Ivan Ostapovych - String Quartet
Ivan Ostapovych - Lullaby
Taras Demko - poetic cycle "Animations"


Collegium Musicum


MAVKA. Dreams or Revery? - "Lesya’s dreams or Ukrainka’s revery"
Fancy concert, based on the fairy drama "The forest song" by Lesya Ukrainka.


The “Artekhatta” chamber ensemble , M.Kotorovich (violin), I.Saenko (bayan), D.Cherchenko (art word), Z.Likhacheva (senography and costumes).


The “Artekhatta” chamber ensemble was created out of young musicians in 2013. The foundress and the conductress of the collective is Miroslava Kotorovich. Each program, which all the creative Miroslava Kotorovich’s studio designs, gives listeners an opportunity to plunge into the world of music - well-known or less known, classics or vanguard, however, this music is always given through a prism of musicians’ own original vision. Among authors programs which have been submitted in four years are "TANGO STORY" (in a co-authorship with the bayan player Igor Saenko), "Music by touch" (a cycle from two concerts - "Birthday" and "The children's symphony"), "Drops. Minimalism +", "One small candle", "An eternity forehead" (in cooperation with the poetess Evgenia Bilchenko), "Pure music", "Vocalise in the instrumental lace" (in cooperation with a soprano Susanna Chiakhojan), "CINEMA. Sound pictures" and others. Together with Susanna Chiakhojan and Igor Saenko collective has carried out the record of concert programs for the National radio company of Ukraine.


Stanislav Menzulsky (electronics, Odessa). Since 2005 has been the constant participant of "Computer and New Music Research Group" (CNMRG), where he deals with creation of programs for composition in real time, libraries of algorithms, works on a research of different singer- performing techniques. Since 2007 has been the participant of uNsemble. Participated in such projects and festivals as "AlterMedium 04" - "Natura Sonorum" (the Termen-center, Moscow), the "Akusmatika and Interactive Music 04" festival - "improvisation" (Pro Arte, St. Petersburg), "Jpeg. Japanese-Ukrainian art a festival" - "PurE" (21 , Odessa), "Dresdner Tage der zeitgenössischen Musik" - "Transmutation" (Hellerau, Dresden), etc.


The program includes:
Mikhail Skorulsky. Nympha and Lukash's adagio from the ballet "The forest song".
Evgeny Stankovich. Morning music (the author's version for a violin and a bayan):

    • Morning dew...
    • Light breeze...
    • Sun rising...
    • Beginning of the day...

Evgeny Stankovich. Mountain legend.
Miroslav Skorik. Caprissio for a violin solo.
Vladimir Zubitsky. Carpathian suite (fragment, part II).
Miroslav Skorik. Allegretto and Dance from "Huzul triptych".
Vladimir Zubitsky. Carpathian suite (fragment, part I).
Zoltan Almashy. The forest song for a violin and an accordion.
Alexander Shimko. Water whisper (the author's version for a violin and a bayan).
Viktoria Polevaya. Aria of a rain. Aria of trees.


Myroslava Kotorovych


"My favorite things"
Multimedia performance


Oleg Shpudeyko (a creative pseudonym - Heinali, electronics, Kiev). Self-educated musician, started the first stylistically eclectic experiments with sound in 2003. Lately the musician has been moving in the direction of the sound sculptures, constructed by the means of synthesis and stratifications, distortions and the other sound processing techniques. Compositions of Heinali were released on Sony Interactive Entertainment, Fluttery, NEN, Paradigms and the other labels.


Alexey Shmurak (objects, Kiev). Was born in Leningrad, lives in Kiev. The composer, the pianist, the keyboard performer. Works in many formats, including song projects and lectures, prefers multidisciplinary performances.


Maxim Kolomiyets (objects, Kiev). Composer, oboist, musical program curator of the “Gogolfest 2017” festival. Cofounder of Ensemble Nostri Temporis and the head of ancient music ensemble Luna Ensemble. The participant of numerous Ukrainian and foreign festivals, his music was performed by ensembles musikFabrik (Cologne), Lions Gate Trio (the USA and Europe), Neo Quartet (Gdansk), National symphonic orchestra (Kiev), Masma (Moscow), Vladislav Pesin (Moscow), Yan Peys (London), Hayk Melikyan (Yerevan), etc. Since 2015 has been the solo oboist of the "Ear ensemble".


Composers Aleksey Shmurak and Maksim Kolomiyets, who in 2007 created Ensemble Nostri Temporis, in cooperation with Oleg Shpudeyko, acting with Aleksey as a part of the “Bluk” duet will present the "My favorite thingsmusical and theatrical performance.


The purpose of the project is the reactualization of the used things, leaving our life. These things have been familiar to us since the childhood. Things are born and die, leaving memory about them, defining our life, changing ourselves. The objects, once habitual for us, that made a huge part of our life are slowly forced out by their more modern analogs. Dial phones, home video projectors, cassette tape recorders, old children's toys, vinyl players are outsiders of a modern material world. Leaving, they take away with themselves our memoirs, dreams, hopes and just daily thoughts.


The idea of the project lies in reviving the forgotten objects, in breathing new, may be only sound life in them, in making them talk to us, tell their story in a new way.


Various auxiliary sound devices, such as modular synthesizer, contact microphones, pedals of effects processing and others whose oblivion is still ahead will join the company of material outsiders.


The sound component of the project, as envisioned by authors, has to be organically connected to visual one – light, video, scenery objects – and their symbiosis is interwoven into surrounding space, considering its features as much as possible. Thus, finding by a landscape its own unique voice and a visual image through scoring it by many-voiced chorus of the dying-away bodies of things from our past will be a result of the project.



Maksim Kolomiyets


Zoltan Almashi (cello) and Andriy Pavlov (violin)


Zoltan Almashi (cello, Lviv - Kiev). The composer, the cellist, the laureate-winner of Lev award (2003), the laureate-winner of Boris Lyatoshinsky award (2012). His works (at the moment there are more than 60, the main part make the plays for chamber orchestra) are performed in Switzerland, France, Poland, Holland, Belarus, Moldova, the USA, Germany. Now Zoltan Almashy is working in the ensemble of soloists "Kiev Camerata", also he is the participant of the modern music ensemble Nostri Temporis, is the founder and the participant of the string quartet "Gulf Stream", the head of the cognominal festival of chamber music. The senior teacher of NMAU of Pyotr Tchaikovsky, teaches the string quartet.


Andriy Pavlov (violin, Kiev). Went on tours to the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Algeria. His performances took place in particular in such halls as Radiokulturhaus in Vienna, UNESCO House in Paris, the Lithuanian National philharmonic hall in Vilnius, National philharmonic hall of Ukraine in Kiev, the Lviv and Odessa regional philharmonic halls. In 2016 became the performer of National chamber ensemble "Kiev Soloists"


The program includes:
Viktoria Polevaya – “Gulf Stream”
Oleg Bezborodko - “Emptiness”
Dmitry Arefyev – “Impromptu”
Sergey Pilyutikov - “Fouette” for a violin solo
Alexey Shmurak – “Horcruxes”
Alexey Voitenko - “Erich Sann's Music” for a violoncello solo


Zoltan Almashi

Andriy Pavlov