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Piano competition in memory of Serafima Mogilevskaya

1st Ukrainian competition of young pianists
in memory of Serafima Mogilevskaya


Young Ukrainian Pianists Competition will take place for the 1st time on May 26 - 28 as a part of ODESSA CLASSICS Festival. The Contest is a tribute to the memory of the outstanding teacher, professor of the Odessa Conservatoire Serafima Leonidovna Mogilevskaya. She brought up a whole galaxy of talented pianists with an international fame, among them there are A. Botvinov, F. Lyubarsky, M. Legotsky, Eugene Mogilevsky and others.



The main platform for this creative competition will become the Large Concert Hall of the Odessa specialized music school named after prof. P.S. Stolyarsky. This stage witnessed performances of Emil Gilels, David Oistrakh, Yakov Zak, Eugene Mogilevsky…

Ukrainian pianists at the age of 11-15 years are invited to participate in this contest, regardless of the institution they attend, the form of training, the level of academic achievement, the availability of recommendations from the musical school. The competition is not a commercial event. There is no entrance fee for participants.

All auditions will be held publicly

Round I -  May 26, 2018 — free program auditions
              Grand hall of the Stolyarsky spesial music school, 1 Sabaneev mist St.

Round II - May 27, 2018 — a program for those competing for the 3rd, 2nd, 1st places and the Special Prize
               Grand hall of the Stolyarsky spesial music school, 1 Sabaneev mist St.


May 28, 2018 - Awarding ceremony and gala concert
                        The Odessa House of Scientists, 4 Sabaneev mist St.

There is a free admission for all competition events!

1st place winner will be awarded with 10 000 hryvnia
2nd place winner - 7 000 hryvnia
3rd place winner - 5 000 hryvnia

4th place winner - 4 000 hryvnia

5th place winner - 3 000 hryvnia

6th place winner - 2 500 hryvnia

Additional special prize from the Mogilevsky family is 10 000 hryvnia

However, the most important prize for the winner is a possibility to perform with the adult star musicians who participate in ODESSA CLASSICS Festival. On June 8, 2018 the winner will perform at the open-air concerto alongside with Zakhar Bron, Alexey Botvinov and Berlin Chamber Orchestra conducted by Michael Guttman.

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