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From June 7 untill June 13 in Odessa
III International music festival ODESSA CLASSICS is taking place.
This year leading violin virtuosos of the XXI century are going to become a keynote of a festival.
Every year ODESSA CLASSICS is growing and developing: expanding geography of festival participants, higher level of festival program. The new concert stages and different cultural events are added to the program.





The international music festival ODESSA CLASSICS 2017 brings together listeners and admirers of classical music again. This year the performances of such violin music artists as Vadim Repin and Daniel Hope are going to become a keystone of the main festival program. These legendary musicians are easy named into the list of TOP-10 best violinists of the XXI century. They were invited by the festival President Alexey Botvinov. Daniel Hope is visiting Ukraine for the first time, and Vadim Repin is coming back to Odessa after several decades.


Events of the main program with participation of star musicians are going to take place traditionally in the Odessa Philharmony Big Hall –  one of the main stages of the Festival.

On June 7 the festival will be opened by a joint performance of the British violinist virtuoso Daniel Hope and the founder of ODESSA CLASSICS, the pianist Alexey Botvinov in the Big Hall of the Philharmonic theatre. The concert program includes Romantic masterpieces for a violin and a piano: Brahms, Mendelssohn, Elgar and also music of contemporary composers such as Ludovico Einaudi and Arvo Pärt.


On June 10, for the first time, Ukrainian audiences are going to see one of the brightest German pianists of our days Sebastian Knauer. Impressing with his virtuosity and elegance of interpretation, the musician is going to perform the program from different music directions – from German classics of Beethoven and Schubert to the piano jazz of Joplin and Gershwin at the Odessa Philharmony Hall.


On June 11 the performance of David Orlowsky Trio (Germany) – the leading ensemble of klezmer jazz music in Europe. Their performance on the Philharmonic Hall stage will become a special surprise for Odessa’s audience. Their musical project «PARIS-ODESSA» is presented within the world promo-tour of the new SONY Classical disk which was released on 10th of March this year. The Trio works exclusively with the SONY Classical company, which has already released 6 disks of musicians – except last one, «Noema», «Nessiah», «Chronos», «Symphonic Klezmer», «Klezmer Kings». The David Orlowsky Trio has won several ECHO Klassik Awards and has thrilled audiences across the globe at concert halls such as New York’s Carnegie Hall, Amsterdam's Concertgebouw and the Berliner Philharmonic, as well as at festivals, among them the Lucerne Festival and Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival. 


On June 12, in a continuation of the various program of the ODESSA CLASSICS festival, the literary soiree of the cult writer Victor Erofeyev will take place in Odessa Philharmony Hall.



This summer Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre became one of the main locations of a festival. On the stage of Odessa Opera House two main events within the festival are going to take place:

On June 8 – the Gala concert "Ukrainian Stars of Belcanto" with singers who are at the top of their international career, they are constantly appearing on the world’s best opera stages - Olga Mykytenko, Lena Belkina, Vitaliy Bilyy and a young tenor from Odessa Pavel Smirnov, accompanied by Odessa Philharmony Chamber Orchestra headed by Igor Shavruk.

On June 13 – a final concert of ODESSA CLASSICS 2017 festival, where the person, who according to Yehudi Menuhin is «the violinist who is the most accomplished one in the world», legendary Vadim Repin, who is coming back to Odessa after 30-year absence, is going to perform with the Belgium Chamber Orchestra, musical director Michael Guttman. The musical program includes masterpieces of Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Ravel and Piazzolla.


Open Air concert at Langeronovskaya Street is scheduled on June 9. Concert of popular classical music with video installations will be performed by pianist Alexey Botvinov and Ensemble «Artehatta» headed by Myroslava Kotorovych and Odessa Philharmony Chamber Orchestra (conductor Igor Shavruk). This event is going to become an unforgettable show.
Success of the last year concert, which was listened by 3 thousand people, has inspired festival organizers to annually hold a similar event, as a gift to all the classics fans.


At the III-rd ODESSA CLASSICS festival the new cultural project – «New Ukrainian Soundscapes» – will be introduced. It is the unique program which acquaints audience with young Ukrainian composers, performers, musicians and gives them the beautiful platform in Odessa Literary museum and full freedom of creativity. Concerts with elements of theatrical action and a happening will take place with «Collegium Musicum» participation – on June 8; Myroslava Kotorovych (violin), Igor Saenko (accordion), Stanislav Menzulskiy (electronics) and “Artehatta” ensemble – on June 10; The Trio - Oleg Shpudeyko (electronics), Maxim Kolomiyets (objects) and Aleksey Shmurak (objects) on June 11; Zoltan Almashi (violoncello) and Andriy Pavlov (violin) – on June 12. The curator of this project is the leading Kyiv musical critic Lyubov Morozova.


Lyubov Morozova, curator of the NewUkrainianSoundscapes project: "It is the unique program which doesn't have analogues in the modern Ukrainian festival life. It is unique because we select the brightest music scores of our contemporaries, thereby turning them into live history. In the most of cases modern music of our authors, sounds seldom after the premiere, it is accepted as some avant-garde and experimental music. We want to show that it has already passed the laboratory stage and now it is a way to reflect the modern events in an amplitude from their acceptance to escapism. And it is music that wants to be close to its listeners and to speak about their experience and their sound world".

Among the other performances within ODESSA CLASSICS 2017, the duo of German violinist Linus Roth, who took the Odessa audience by storm last year, at the opening of the Festival, with Alexey Botvinov. This concert on April 20 will become a prelude to the festival.

According to a tradition, the ODESSA CLASSICS festival this year will be opened with an art exhibition in the Museum of the Western and Eastern Art again. The leading Odessa artists Alexander Roytburd and Igor Gusev were represented within the festival frames previous years.
From June 5 untill June 19 the Museum is going to hold an exhibition of the young, but already well-known in Europe, Odessa artist Stepan Ryabchenko.

The entire period the diverse program of International music festival ODESSA CLASSICS will be filled with the meetings of musical critics and culture experts at a round table, master classes, discussions and conferences, held in space of Terminal 42 co-working hub and the other platforms of the Festival.


III International music festival ODESSA CLASSICS
is held with a support of Odessa Mayor’s Office.


Artistic director: Alexey Botvinov

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21.03.2017 Пресс-конференция 16.03.2015 16 марта 2015 г. в одесском пресс-центре "Paritet" состоялась пресс-конференция, посвященная Первому Международному музыкальному фестивалю «ODESSA CLASSICS». Фестиваль будет проходить в Одессе 10-14 июня 2015 года. Подробная информация для представителей прессы - в разделе "Прессцентр"
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